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The Lenten Journey 2015 – A Servant’s Song Part 3

Collins-2 Isaiah 50: 4-9

Isaiah provides us with five (5) songs or poems. His third song is illustrated in Isaiah 50:4-9. It gives credence to the steadfast nature of the servant through difficult times. Verses 4-6 records the past actions of GOD; whereas, verses 7-9 speaks to the present actions of our Sovereign GOD.

In Isaiah 50:4-6 we are provided instructions regarding the appropriate use of two instruments of the body (the ears and the tongue). These instruments are used in the song to carry out the rhythm or will of GOD. “The Lord GOD gave me a tongue.” “The Lord GOD opened to me ears.”

The tongue is to be used as an instrument of encouragement especially to those who are weary spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The tongue contains the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). The servant is encouraged to speak in the manner of someone who has been taught how to use his tongue by a great teacher. By speaking life and encouraging others the servant is promoted from student to teacher.

The ear is the instrument used to hear from GOD. The beauty of the ear is that it provides us with proprioception which is experienced by those who can hear and those who are hearing deficient. Proprioception is the ability to sense our position in relation to space, objects, motion, and equilibrium. In essence, anyone can hear from GOD and can have a sense of who HE is and a sense of HIS presence. We know that the Lord GOD’s voice is gentle and recognizable in Isaiah 50:5.
The servant has been equipped to carry out GOD’s mission and presumably has appropriately used his tongue and ears. However, the servant is met with resistance and hatred. Isaiah 50:6 reports that the servant has been beat, mocked, and spat upon. However, instead of the servant feeling defeated or abandoning his mission the servant becomes confident and unapologetically unafraid of confrontation (Isaiah 50:7-9). “He who vindicates me is near”. “Who then will bring charges against me? Let us face each other.” “ It is the Lord GOD who helps me”.

During this Lenten Season, we celebrate the supreme sacrifice of the ultimate servant CHRIST. HE encourages us with the word of GOD. HE teaches how to magnify him and HE provides us with protection in distressing situations.

Our job as CHRISTians is to exemplify the teachings of CHRIST through our everyday actions regardless of the hurtful actions of others. A true servant is not boastful, intimidating, or longing for grand displays of recognition. As we enter holy week, let us follow the instructions of servitude provided in the scripture.

Give a word of encouragement daily to someone. You can call or text a student, praise a co-worker , or email your pastor. Listen patiently for a word from GOD this week just after you wake up. You may be amazed at the instructions you will receive. Be sure to follow GOD’s instruction. Don’t become overwhelmed with the evil deeds of others. Our task is to show compassion and kindness. Pray for them ASAP after the incident has occurred. Remember Isaiah 50:9, they “will wear out like a garment…”


Thank you LORD for tongues, ears, instructions, and vindication. Lord GOD as we enter holy week help us to use our tongues to only speak life. Open our ears that we may hear from you and be motivated to act on your instruction. In Jesus Name Amen.

Have A Healthy Day
Ouida Collins, MD
Payne Chapel Nashville

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