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The Lenten Journey 2015 – The Hour is Come

04.01.2015_Mary+FinleyJohn 17:1-5

Here we see Jesus, the Christ, as he lifts his eyes, while lifting his heart (Sursum corda), to heaven and exhorts, “Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son may also glorify thee.” Let’s examine this request to understand the full depth and weight of it.

The word glorify pertains to the revelation of the “supreme perfection of his nature.” Jesus has already glorified God through strict obedience to His will; allowing himself to suffer a carnal body; administering healing through miracles, even unto the resurrection of Lazarus; proclaiming words of comfort to the 12 he would leave behind for work in the vineyard. Now here he is, standing between already and not yet. His true glorification, his ultimate supremacy will finally be revealed in his closing episode as an earthen vessel.

Here Jesus is saying, “Father, I have shown them who you are here on earth, now the time has come for you to show them who I truly am, ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’”

The hour is come.

The hour when his body would bear so many stripes he’s rendered unrecognizable even by his own mother; The hour when he would be tortured for days, as he carries his own rugged cross up a hill called Golgotha, nailed to that cross by stakes, and hung between two thieves like a common criminal; The hour that Matthew Henry declares as “the most signal and remarkable hour, and without doubt, the most critical”; The hour when the son of man and the son of God finishes his work on earth as a human being, and is then resurrected on the morning of the third day to begin his work as the one that gives being to all humans.

Through his sufferings, death and resurrection, God glorified, or showed ownership, of his only begotten, beloved son; giving all humankind opportunity for redemption from sin and everlasting life. Hallelujah!

And so as we embark upon another season of celebration, let us examine our Easter agendas. Are we justly glorifying Jesus?

The hour is now come.

Rev. Mary Ann Finley, M.Div.
Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Associate Pastor
Woodford, OK



We are in the middle of Holy Week. This is an excellent time to seriously prepare your heart and soul for the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God loved you so much to do for you what you could not do for yourself. What will you do for God this week: draw closer in prayer, food, digital, financial fasting, exchange television for the reading of God’s word, attend a Holy Week revival?

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Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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  1. JM says:

    I gave up social media this week because I need God to bless me! It’s already done.

  2. Beverly Washington says:


  3. Rev. Patsy Brown says:

    That was an awesome Word-“Jesus: standing between already and not yet”!!!

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