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Praycation 2015 – Stand Firm

images-65DAY SEVEN

“Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.”
Exodus 14: 13

The word for today is FIRM.

It was inevitable that my mattress had to be replaced. Shopping for a new one was challenging. There is new technology that measured weight and sleep patterns to tell you what mattress to choose. There were hundreds of choices in a variety of price ranges. There were basic cheap ones and luxury ones costing more than a down payment on a house!

What I was looking for was a firm mattress. A firm mattress   would support me during moments of rest and restoration after tackling the challenges of the day. It wouldn’t sag or quit on me in so that I’d be in worse shape in the morning than when I “lay me down to sleep” at night.

I don’t know about you but I need a faith that is firm in the same way I need a firm mattress. I need a faith that can hold and support me in my “down sitting and uprising” moments. I don’t need a pillow top faith but a good solid firm faith that can help me to stand in the heat of the day. And you?!

Lord, help us to stand firm in our faith in you while we are waiting on our marching orders instead of forcing ourselves into action.

We must also be firm about some things in our lives. We must be firm enough to embrace our Divine purpose. We must be firm enough to give unceasing praise and thanksgiving even when things do not go the way we expected and when they do.

We must be firm enough to let some things well enough alone. We don’t give our scrapes, bruises, or wounds time to heal. We keep checking on it in our minds. It’s called worrying. We pick at the scare tissue forming around the edges of a former crisis in conversation.

Sometimes we invite others to share the pain at our personal watch parties. We bleed all over our social network outlets letting the world see our wounds. Sometimes, we just need to let the paint dry before we walk on the floor!

Faith is the substance of the things we’re hoping for even when we cannot see it. Yes, faith in Christ makes all things possible, but it doesn’t always make all things easy.

A firm faith often invites us to leave some things alone trusting God for the future details. We can entrust the issues and injuries to God, even the self-inflicted wounds.

Beloved, my prayer for you today is that you grow in faith to believe that God can bring you out even when by our own actions we paint ourselves into a corner. Lord, help us to stand firm today waiting on our marching orders instead of forcing myself into action. Today we will stand firm until we see the salvation of the Lord!

Let us pray:
Lord, today I stand firm. I get out of the way and entrust the entanglements and perplexities of my life into your hands. In Jesus name amen.

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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