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The Lenten Journey – He Loved Therefore He Gave

TBowen2John 3:16.

This is one of my favorite bible verses because it speaks to the essence of our relationship with God. Because He loved, he gave. That is powerful and an awesome example. Because God had an unction, His love for us, He responded with an action, He gave. How often do we have an unction, thought, or idea and expect someone or something else to change or move first? Food for thought…
It is important to remember that love acts, and in this case, it gives. Not only does it give, but it gives to the point of hurting. Jesus gave his life. As a mother, I do not want to see my child suffer for even a moment. Yet God gave and not only did He give, but He gave His son, something or rather someone of great importance to him. The important principle to be gained from this verse is that love gives abundantly and tremendously.
As we embark on the Lenten journey, consider the love of the Father and how he wishes to lavish it up you. Think big. Think grand. Think abundant. However, do not stop there. Once you envision how He can express this love to you, think about how you will in turn be able to turn around and shower a sin-filled world with that same love.

Will you commit to acting on it? Will you be the love of Christ to a depraved and loveless world?

Remember, He loved us enough that He gave. Will you?


Bethel Apostolic Temple
Miami, FL

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  1. Aimee says:

    Amen – That is a convicting word!

  2. Aimee says:

    That is powerful!

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