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The Lenten Journey – Do I really know who my Father is?

FeleciaTeasley-1John 8:31-59

In all of our culture there is no better identification of pride than what ancestry we come from and it’s history along the way. We have established family trees in celebration of our forefathers and the sacrifices of how far they’ve come spiritually in spite of the circumstances. Honestly speaking, we’ve come from great lineages’ of Abraham, Moses, and Elijah. Although, some of us will display certain dark characteristics of the enslavement of sin, as if, they are the descendants of the devil. Some don’t realize their darkness is exposed by the way they act and speak. Others, don’t care that they’ve allowed their true selves to be exposed, or whom they may really descend from.

In our scripture reference, Jesus tries to make it clear to the Jews who their father really is, based upon how they act and the words that they speak against Him. Because they didn’t realize that what they spoke and how they act are not on the same accord. Hence, you can’t say that you are a child of God and not believe in or listen to Jesus. In addition to, they weren’t trying to comprehend what Jesus was telling them. Why would they? They didn’t pay full attention of the spiritual structure that Abraham lived by, or what he said about the coming of their savior and the very reason why Jesus was there. Yet, they claimed to be Abrahams’ descendants and to be the children of God.
Like them, we also claim to be the children of God. Even when there are times that our dark characteristics are also exposed through our actions and words towards one another. As if we have forgotten our ancestry. But, would rather act and speak as if we were a representation of someone other than our Father. Some of us may cheat when we get the chance, steal when we think no one is looking, and/or lie on our neighbor, sister, brother and at times our mother, depending upon the situation. As if, we were direct descendant’s of the father of lies.

But, thanks be to God! We’ve been taught about the great life of Jesus and how we are made in the light of and likeness of our Father, God. By being made in His likeness, we are suppose to act like Him.
• Don’t cheat
• Don’t steal
• Speak truths

Although, life happens, and it may put you in a circumstance where you may choose not to listen to the Lord. But, before acting and speaking, ask yourself this question. Do I really know who my father is?

Good and Gracious God, as I live my spiritual journey, let me not forget my ancestry and the sacrifices that Jesus made so that I could have life. Let me not forget that I can always questions my actions and speech. Let me not forget that when I am tried by life’s circumstances, they are not reasons to forget who you are. Let me not forget that I am made in the likeness of You and that You are my Father which are in heaven. Let me not forget that in trying times, all I have to do is listen to the voice of Jesus to guide me along my spiritual path and by doing this I can be saved from the darkness of sin and walk in the light of God. Amen.

Felecia Teasley
Metropolitan Interdenominational Church
Nashville, Tennessee


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