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The Lenten Journey 2016 – The Anointing for the Appointed Time

LWiliamsThe Anointing for the Appointed Time
John 12

Preparing for something can often be a tedious and extensive journey. Over the last several years God has been preparing us for things we cannot even begin to fathom. What is it for? Why is it taking so long? Who is going to help along the way? Where is this all leading? How are we going to get there? Are we there yet? It’s hard to arrive anywhere when we do not know the destination, yet God is preparing a place just for you.
Jeremiah 29:11 assure us God has a future, hope and an expected end for each of us. In the midst of our day-to-day lives it is easy to get distracted losing our focus and our hope. Even as Jesus knew his expected end, he had to wait for the appointed time. God will always let us know when we are ready. A fresh anointing will overtake us like never before and we will enter into a new level of faith and a higher dimension of glory.
Don’t be anxious or try to rush the process. Don’t let the burdens of this world discourage you. Your anointing is on the way. Everything you have experienced to this point has been to prepare you for an appointed time. The world will call you blessed. The glory of the LORD will be revealed to you like never before. People will know God through your witness and your testimony. Signs and wonder will accompany you. Dreams will manifest. Prophecies will come to pass. The promises of God will be fulfilled.

“Anointing fall on me; anointing falls on me. Let the power of the Holy Ghost fall on me; anointing fall on me.”

Dear Lord, Anoint me anew with your power. Amen

LaNicia Williams
Seattle, WA
Restoration Life Church

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  1. Shamra Hodge says:

    Yes! Often on this Christian journey, I’ve asked myself who, what, when, where and even why. However, we must be encouraged to wait. Thank you for these inspiring words. Be blessed.

  2. Very timely and much needed encouragement. Thank you!

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