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The Lenten Journey 2016 – A Faith Worth Believing

TownsendA Faith Worth  Believing 
John 14:1-14

When it comes to our faith we tend to believe until we encounter trouble. You can say what you want, but the best of Christian’s faith can waver. Death, hardships, illnesses and even natural disasters are enough to shake ones faith. But here in John the 14th chapter he makes our faith worth believing because of the Words Jesus Christ. It’s just something about the Words of Jesus that makes our faith stronger.
John points out three descriptive things in this lesson that makes our Faith worth believing.

1. Jesus comforts us by letting us know that we have His assurance. In verses 1-6 Jesus explains that even in the mist of trouble our belief in Him is enough to get us through. Jesus paints an earthy and a spiritual picture that denotes that our faith in God is strengthen when we believe in He and the Father. Meanwhile Jesus explains that not only will our faith secure us here on earth but it will also give us a resting place in heaven. He assures us that He will come and personally escort us to our heaven mansion.
2. Jesus Words in verses 7-10 He holds us accountable of that what we belief. God does not make us belief in Him. That’s where our faith comes into play. But what God has done is He has proven His presence through His Son Jesus Christ. Friends you can’t believe in one without the other, they are one in the same. Our Christian Faith is based on the belief that God and the Son as well as the Holy Spirit are working together as one because they are one. Each one has a part to play on our behalf, but they operate as one in the same.
3. Lastly in verses 11-14 Jesus gives us His affirmation. Jesus testifies on His own behalf that our faith in Him is worth believing in. He does this by allowing us to put Him to the test by bidding us to ask Him for anything that brings glory to the Father in the Son. He bids us a second time to ask Him in His name for anything and He promises that He will deliver only that which is asked in Faith.

When the challenges in life seems to get the upper hand on us just remember that we are holding on to God’s unchanging hands. He has giving us all of the tools and resources to make it through our trials and tribulations. Because there is nothing too hard for God and nothing should anything be impossible for our faith to believe in. OUR FAITH IS WORTH BELIEVING!

Dear God we thank you today for giving us the gift of faith. We give you praise for the ability to exercise our belief by walking in Faith, knowing that we have both you and your precious Son. We pray that we grow stronger in this faith and that our belief continues to keep us times of trouble. We thank you today for your assurance, for holding us accountable and for affirming our faith. Please Lord, continue to use us for your service and we will continue to be witnesses that the faith we possess in you is worth believing. In Jesus name, amen!

Pastor Settle W. Townsend Jr. BS, M.Div., D. Min
Auburn Ave Baptist Church
Bellefontaine Ohio


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