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The Lenten Journey 2016 – The Blessings of Intercessory Prayer

CollinsThe Blessings of Intercessory Prayer 
John 17: 6-19

I know beyond any reasonable doubt that my grandmother interceded with GOD on my behalf. She also knew that she would not live to see the fruition of all of her prayers. Yet, she continued to pray for my success, my peace, and that the LORD would provide me with comfort when she was gone. She prayed these prayers with the confidence that her prayers would be answered in GOD’s timing. She interceded on my behalf and I have reaped the benefits of those prayers.

This passage of scripture gives account of Jesus praying for his disciples. He was praying for those of us who are believers and followers of Christ. It shows the depth of love and concern that Jesus has for his people (John 17: 8). Jesus prays out loud which helped to provide comfort, relieve fear, and give instruction to those who were able to hear the prayer. Hearing Jesus pray also allowed for the prayer to be recorded so that those of us who came into the world later would be able to appreciate Christ’s intercession for us.

The scripture reference is the best example of intercessory prayer which means to petition GOD on the behalf of someone else. How awesome is it to know that Christ loved us enough to implore GOD the Father to fill us with joy, to strengthen us, and to keep us from evil. Jesus wants us to live the best life possible while we are on earth. HE knows that we will be confronted with evil and distractions because of our love for him. HE prayed that we will be kept safe and experience victory over evil. (John 17: 13-19). Jesus prayed for you and for me! We are relieved of fear and doubt because the SON has interceded on our behalf; therefore, no one or nothing will keep us from the blessings that have been specifically ordained for us by GOD.

As we continue this Lenten Season, let us follow the example of intercessory prayer given to us by Jesus Christ:

1. Pray that someone who has never experienced love and comfort be filled with the joy of Christ by the kindness and compassion provided by believers.
2. Let us intercede that our friends and loved ones are kept safe and away from harm. Pray that they are victorious against evil and distractions that end in defeat.
3. Let us be responsive enough to make prayer a priority when we are asked to intercede on someone’s behalf.


Father we thank you for the opportunity to pray and the privilege of praying for others. We thank you for the example of intercessory prayer outlined in the scripture and we thank you for the benefits bestowed upon us because of the intercessory prayer of Jesus. Dear GOD please provide us with the selflessness and willingness to spend time in prayer for others. This we pray in Jesus Name, Amen.

Have A Healthy Day,
Ouida Collins, MD MPH
Payne Chapel AME Church, Nashville, TN

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  1. Rev. Patsy Brown says:

    Thank you, Dr. Ouida Collins, for inspiring me to take the time at the end of your message to intercede right then and there for others who may have never experienced love. The thought of someone never experiencing love is too much for me. What an awfully horrible life that must be. So once again I thank God for Jesus. For God so loved the world…

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