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Lenten Journey 2018: Body and Soul Detox

prayer-the-worlds-greatest-wireless-connectionLenten Journey 2018:
Body and Soul Detox
Cleaning Up Our Act in A Toxic World!
We live in a toxic world filled with fears and phobias. We are lambasted by messaging that seeks to destroy our faith. Our minds are polluted by toxins that eat away at our sanity and self esteem. We fuel our bodies with substances that wreck our immune systems. Lord help!

If we’re not careful we will be sucked into a culture of  divisiveness that pits neighbor against neighbor, race against race, gender against gender with a foul venom of privilege. Before we talk about the mud on someone else’s shoes, let’s scrape the mud off of our own! Let’s engage in cleansing our bodies and soul with fresh water from the time honored well of the Bible.

During the Lenten season try the Daniel Fast for all or part of the next 40 days. Go to for more information. Read the daily devotions daily posted on this site.  I and guest bloggers look forward to sharing relevant messages. Subscribe, it’s free. Share in your local congregations and on your social network.

Take the gospel challenge by reading through the gospel of Mark. Try reading a chapter or a few verses everyday.  There are also several excellent books that may nourish your soul cleansing discipline. Read  Soul Keeping by John Ortberg, The Temptations of Jesus or 40-Day Journey by Howard Thurman; Soul Detox by Craig Groesschel or the classic Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore.

Let me know you’re joining the Journey in the comment section on this site. Invite others to do the same! Keep up at or vashtimckenzie on Instagram.

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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  1. Tina Wallace says:

    Blessings Bishop, looking forward to the journey.

  2. Valerie says:

    Joining the Lenten Journey 2018

  3. Rev. Joy L. Wilkerson says:

    Looking forward to the journey.

  4. Rev. Pamela Elise Davis says:

    I am looking forward to this journey! #souldetox #journeytoSonrise

    Blessings to all!

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