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The Lenten Journey 2018: Lord Help Me to Work on Me!

Vashti-9328Welcome beloved to the Lenten Journey 2018: Body and Soul Detox, Cleaning Up Our Act in a Toxic World. Join our guest bloggers as we as the Lord to help us do a little soul searching this Lenten season. Try he Daniel Fast. Go to for more information. Read through the Gospel of Mark, a daily devotion and perhaps an inspirational resource. A listing is in February 13th’s message. Encourage our bloggers in the comment section on this site and keep up at

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie (

tracey2-edit1“The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?”
Jeremiah 17:9 NLT
It’s a Matter of the Heart

     God does not mince words with Jeremiah. In fact, He is quite blunt. In this passage He plainly states that man’s heart is not good. It is inclined towards falsehoods and morally corrupt, to the point that no man can know the depths of its poor quality. According to God, this is the general state of man.
When we speak of the heart, we’re not referring to the fleshy mass of muscle that pumps blood through our body, but rather the emotions and feelings of an individual. Our emotions and feelings, at the root, are dictated by our circumstances and pleasures. By nature, they are self-serving and self-driven, seldom rational or reasonable. From a primal standpoint they are driven by survival at all cost.
This should not be for the born again, Spirit-filled believer. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are called to be Spirit-led, with our desire being to live for Christ as Christ lived. Our pleasures take a backseat to what we know to be the will of God for our lives, as individuals and as the Body of Christ.
Those emotions like fear, anger and lust should no longer rule because they are tempered by love, peace and self-control. God’s grace gives us the power to say, “If Jesus did it, so can I” with boldness and confidence. It helps us to make the choice to do the “God thing” as opposed to the bad thing or even the good thing.
The hope in this passage is that while we may not be able to accurately know the condition of our hearts, God knows. As He assured Jeremiah that he will reward us according to what He sees in our hearts, the additional hope is that because He sees, we can ask Him to show us what He sees and then ask Him how to change.
God is faithful to answer us because it is His desire that we grow and become more like Him daily. He will also be faithful to help us. That’s really good news and it’s the reason why we need a savior.
As we begin this Lenten Journey, let us reflect on the complete work of the cross. In his death, burial and resurrection, Jesus Christ is the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. In Him, we have the power to be transformed into the image of our Father God.
Let us invite God to examine our hearts, showing us what we need to deal with to be more like Him. Let’s not stop there! Let us then ask Him for help to make the changes needed, as well as, the grace to lay aside our pride and accept His help. He is not here to condemn us, instead His desire is to lovingly redeem us to reign in power with Him. Let’s get to the heart of the matter and become the sons and daughters we are predestined to be. That should be the heart of the matter!

1. God knows our heart is immoral. He is not deceived by outward appearances
2. God knows our heart.
3. Because He knows our heart, He rewards accordingly and can also share what He sees with us.

Abba God, thank you for loving me even though you know my innermost parts are not inclined to do good. Left to my own devices, I do not even know how wicked and deceitful I am. I ask that you forgive me and show me my own heart. Then help me to work on me. Simply put, Lord, change me. My hope is in you.
With love and adoration, to the God who sees all, in Jesus name,

Minister Tracey Bowen Bell
Bethel Apostolic Temple
Miami, FL

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  1. Julie Timms says:

    Minister Tracey,

    I needed this Word today. Thank you for your commitment to God’s people. God bless you!

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