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The Lenten Journey 2018: Wash It Out

920x920Wash Out Your Nets
“…but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets.”

Luke 5:2

In this biblical narrative Simon and his co-harts have had a long night of failed fishing. No doubt that their muscles were achy, energy exhausted, and they were likely frustrated to say the least. After all, they had toiled all night long but had no catch to show for their efforts. To toil indicates that they put in some work. They worked to the point of fatigue. They were labor weary. So they found themselves back on shore washing their nets.

At first glance we may think that the washing of the nets is a sign of defeat but it is a sign of a future promise. The nets were a fisherman’s tool of the trade. They had to keep their nets mended and in good working condition. They had to clean their nets of debris, branches, rocks and other destructive items that could get catch up in their nets and render them useless.So then washing was an essential piece to maintaining the ability to fish again – successfully. By washing their nets it was a sign that although they had been defeated that night they were preparing for a Re-turn.

The fishing net, like the one Simon used, can be a symbol for our lives. We go out into the world and sometimes instead of catching good we catch things that can leave us broken and bitter. We have to learn to wash our nets. The Lenten season is a good time to strategically wash our nets. Of course we should get in the habit of daily washing our nets. But Lent and the Christian calendar has built in opportunities to focus on washing our nets.

Washing our nets bring us back in balance with Christ. Washing our nets puts us back in balance with humanity. Washing our nets put us back in balance with our purpose. We wash our nets on our knees in sincere prayer looking forward to facing life again. Life is not a one night or a one day event. It is a journey that has success and failure; bitter and sweet. Let’s be quick to wash out and mend our life.

Let this be our prayer: As I continue in this season of Lent, wash me over again. Holy Spirit, I access your power to leave behind those things that caused me injury or defeat and help me to stand in the promise of a brand new beginning. Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me. In Jesus name, Amen.

Rev. Dr. Seletheia Honors

Houston, Texas

*Editor’s Note: Dr. Honors made her transition after fighting hard for her healing. She received it in eternity. A wonderful women, wife, mother, journalist, preacher and pastor. We share her devotion in loving memory.


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