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The Lenten Journey 2018: Standard Operating Procedure

20170819_175518 “Harnessing Power of Prayer!”

“Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.”

James 5: 16 NRSV

Community is central to the lives of Christian believers, and the writer James, presents attributes (faith, prayer, support of each other) that should be unifying components of this blessed community. In the first century (as it should be now), healing was performed in the name of Jesus, was a communal effort, and was encouraged by the writer of this epistle.

The writer shares that healing and power are possible, that prayer is the source of both, but before prayer there should be confession (communication). I believe that communication and confession are often missing, because members of the community, do not trust each other enough, to share, or admit their sins (this is a by-product of living in a toxic world).

As members of the beloved community, the only way that we can cleanse body, soul, while “cleaning up our act in a toxic world,” is to trust and respect each other enough to admit our faults and sins (confess). After that, we can truly harness the power of prayer (genuine intercessory prayer), and become the divine healers, and powerful members of this beloved community. A community of believers whose lives are changed by Jesus Christ and who in turn change the world because of Christ.

Points to Ponder:
• Confession and communication are central to a healthy relationship among believers.
• Genuine intercessory prayer should be a standard among believers.
• Believers who align their lives with Christ have the power to change the world.

Creator God, as we move through the Lenten season, give us the courage to trust each other enough to share so that we may learn to intercede in prayer for each other’s divine growth. God, we know that if we are true to You, and Your word, that Your healing power will be manifested according to Your divine wishes. Help us in this season and beyond to embrace a righteous life that will produce power, healing, and divine purpose. Peace!

Pastor Velma E. Grant, M.Div., Th.M.
Payton AME Church, Valdosta, Georgia
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