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The Lenten Journey 2018: Peace of Mind « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Lenten Journey 2018: Peace of Mind

Living a Life of Peace
Proverbs 14:30

King Lear in Act 3, scene 4 said it best “when the mind’s free the body’s delicate.” All of us are aware of the discomfort felt in our bodies when our mind is overloaded with cares and concern.

As a child, I recall getting in trouble at school and having a weight of total discomfort in my stomach. It grew in intensity the closer it got for me to go home. I can also recall a feeling of unexplained joy when September would come and it was time for our family reunion. I would walk the street in my neighborhood waiting for my cousin to arrive. When I saw him, there was an explosion of joy.

Our bodies go through various changes that many times capture our attention. We fail in giving focus to important things because we’re emboldened by what’s on our mind and how we feel. No wonder the Apostle Paul admonishes us to be transformed people not only in heart, but in mind too.

Our mind serves as the meeting place for the spirit of God that dwells within us. As our mind goes through a transformative process, so does our bodies. But, peace allows a troubled body to be at ease and function without unexplained discomfort. Peace allows us to think clearer, see with clarity, and respond to our situations both intelligently and spiritually.

Peace of mind is a treasured commodity in that we are free to navigate through life’s difficult situations not being envious of others but celebrating our own unique experience. I believe that is the missing aspect to our Christian faith. Too often when we’re faced with the success of others, we become jealous of their progress forgetting that we have something to rejoice about too.

I’m remind of how in the Bible, Naaman received his blessing because he allowed his mind to conceive the impossible. It wasn’t until he freed his mind from the contempt of disbelief, traveled to Samaria with unpronounceable faith and pressed on despite the fact that what he was asked to do made no sense to him. He received two blessings, peace of mind, and a physical healing.

Let us consider the following:

* Seek Godly peace in everything you do.
* Express yourself through prayer. Relieve your mind of the weight of over caring.
* Be good to your body because there’s only one.

Let us Pray: Gracious God grant us the wisdom to pray about all things and worry about nothing. Keep us spiritually and physically so that we can navigate the waters of uncertainty and maintain a level peace that surpasses our enemies and all things. Amen.




Dr. Brandon A. A. J. Davis
Itinerate Elder on Sabbatical
Tawawa Chimney Corner

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