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The Lenten Journey 2018: Just Say Yes! « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Lenten Journey 2018: Just Say Yes!

Just say YES!
Exodus 4:1-17 CEB
” . . . I’ll help both of you speak, and I’ll teach both of you what to do.”

From the time Moses saw that burning bush and heard God speak and share the details of God’s rescue plan he was stacking up reasons why he was not the one for the job. I can imagine from the very beginning his mouth hanging open, his heart rising into his throat, while his brain was racing to catch up with what he was hearing: God was actually calling him, a former resident of Pharaoh’s household and murderer-on-the-run, now in hiding, to lead the reconnaissance mission to extract thousands of God’s people out of Egypt.

Surprised by the ask, Moses questions his suitability for task. In fact, Moses doesn’t just question, he continues to toss out one excuse after the other. “But what if they don’t believe me or pay attention to me? They might say to me, ‘The Lord didn’t appear to you!'”
“My Lord, I’ve never been able to speak well, not yesterday, not the day before, and certainly not now since you’ve been talking to your servant. I have a slow mouth and a thick tongue.”
“Please, my Lord, just send someone else.”

Moses responds as if the has not witnessed one wonder of God’s power or heard one word about God’s provision. The rod that turns into a snake and back into a rod again doesn’t assure him nor does the hand in the coat that is healed from a skin disease settle his anxiety. God actually saying, “I’ll help both of you speak, and I’ll teach both of you what to do,” doesn’t make a difference either. All Moses seems to see and hear is difficulty and he smells fear.

But don’t we often approach God with the same ‘what if’s’, thinking the mission is too much for us, we are not prepared enough, not ready or even equipped enough?

We become so overwhelmed by the task that we focus more on our own limitations, missing what we do have — in our hands and at our disposal. Like Moses, are we not guilty at times of latching onto excuses and coming up with ways of escape instead of latching onto the One who is calling us into service?

After all, this is I Am, the one who is and can become whatever we need for whatever the situation. Like God told Moses, in so many words, “I’ve got your back! I won’t leave you alone.” God just wants us to take him at his promise, come onboard, saying that three letter word, Y-E-S! And God will take it from there.

Remember, as the saying goes: God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called. So today, just say, YES!


1. God can do it (whatever it represents) without us, but most often chooses to invite us to join God in the work God is doing and that is a privilege.
2. God’s call is always going to lead to a crisis of belief that will demand we put our faith into action. Either we take God at God’s word or we don’t.
3. A ‘yes’ to God mentality always opens the door for God “to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine.” (Ephesians 3:20)
4. When God calls us into service, it will always be a God-sized, bigger than we can do on our own.

Let us Pray

Almighty God, we admit when you call sometimes, we become paralyzed by fear. We see mountains instead of molehills and default to what is impossible instead of all that is possible with you. We take the words of the world at face value more often than taking you at your word. Forgive us God and bring back to our remembrance how you have brought us over and through before. Just take us back dear Lord. Take us back to where we first believed. Amen.

Juana Bridges UMC 8Rev. Juana Jordan
Southside United Methodist Church
Jacksonville, Fla.

Facebook: juana.jordan
Twitter: @juana_jordan
Instagram: @preachergirl_in_the_city

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