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The Lenten Journey 2018: Do You Dare To Question?

Jeremiah 12:1-4 NKJV
“Righteous are You, O Lord, when I plead with You; Yet let me talk with You about Your judgments. Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why are those happy who deal so treacherously?
2. You have planted them, yes, they have taken root; They grow, yes, they bear fruit.
You are near in their mouth But far from their mind. 3. But You, O Lord, know me;
You have seen me, And You have tested my heart toward You. Pull them out like sheep for the slaughter, And prepare them for the day of slaughter. 4 How long will the land mourn,
And the herbs of every field wither? The beasts and birds are consumed, For the wickedness of those who dwell there, Because they said, “He will not see our final end.”

In the church of the past, we were taught from a theology which said you should not question God. God’s ways are not our ways and God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. Yet there are times when we experience circumstances and situations in which we do not understand. There are issues which arise troubling us. In those times we have questions and we need clarity and understanding.

The prophet Jeremiah experienced one of those times. Though commissioned by God to prophesy to the children of Israel on God’s behalf, Jeremiah found his ministry was not well received. There were those who sought his life due to the prophecies he spoke. Additionally, he found there were those who were profiting from their misdeeds. The wicked were prospering. Therefore, he wanted to know from the Lord, why these things could happen. Why were they able to do evil yet prosper?

God is the Source and Creator of all. Nothing happens in our world – good or bad – without God’s permission or outside of God’s awareness. If we need to gain clarity and understanding, it is our responsibility to seek the Source. We must be courageous yet humble to pray and seek God for the answers concerning the issues we face.

We do not have a promise that everything will be easy. We will face times of trials, struggles, and opposition. We will see those who prosper even though their hearts are not right. Yet we must never lose sight that God is ever present with us during those times.

God will hear and answer the cries of our hearts and the questions of our souls as we seek Him. God is still in control regardless of the circumstances. Since God is in control we can trust and believe God will right the wrongs, even when we do not understand the circumstances.

1. We can courageously and humbly ask God “why”?
2. God is faithful to answer when we seek Him.
3. Regardless of the situation or circumstances, we must remember God is in control.

Almighty God, we thank You for being the God who allows us to come before You with our questions and concerns. Thank You for not only receiving our questions but being faithful to answer. God give us the grace and faith to trust You when we do not understand. You are in control and our faith rests in that promise. In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

IBW_Evita-3_8x10Pastor Evita L. Smith
Kingdom Seekers Community Church
Stockbridge, GA

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