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The Lenten Journey: Steal Away

M_JonesDay One: Steal Away

Psalm 23 is probably the psalm memorized by the majority of Christians. It is taught to children as soon as they are able to memorize it. It is recited and it has been put to music. This psalm belongs to those who can truly say, “The Lord is my shepherd.” For unless the Lord is my shepherd, I cannot claim the content of the rest of the psalm. I shall not lack food for my soul or body because “He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters.” This assurance is critical to the foundation of our faith, knowing what the Lord is able to do. So as we begin this Lenten season in 2019, let us begin by affirming that God IS able.

The world is complex, filled with opportunities and fraught with challenges. So as the twenty-third Psalm keeps us grounded in the knowledge that God is Almighty we must know that whether in good times or bad, it is to God we must run. We must ‘Steal Away.’

Wherever the Psalmist (Ps. 55:6) cast his eye there was vanity and vexation. A deluge of sin and misery covered the world so that like Noah’s dove the psalmist could find no rest for the sole of his foot below, therefore he directs his course toward heaven saying, ”Oh that I had the wings of a dove, I would fly away and be at rest.” This Lenten Season provides an opportunity to “Steal Away”. To separate ourselves from ‘the world’ and be in the Presence of the Lord. The Negro Spiritual acknowledges that need, to “steal away to Jesus”. Let us take the time to ‘Steal Away.”

Prayer: Father, help me spend more personal, intimate time in your presence that my soul might be fed, that I might find rest and that I may hear from you. Thank you for always being available and being always ready to ‘teach me your ways’. In Jesus name, Amen. Reverend Dr. Marjorie Jones Associate Minister for Education Lenten Journal Committee Member

Reverend Dr. Marjorie Jones
Associate Minister for Education
Lenten Journal Committee Member
The Historic Charles Street AME Church
Roxbury, MA




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