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The Lenten Journey 2019 – Redemption


image1 (1)Redemption is a transactional term that reveals the power of exchange. It exchanges the imperfection for perfection, the sinless for sin, or the non- guilty for the guilty so that all could have a chance at eternal life. It would do us all well to rest in a posture of thankfulness when we consider the fact that He who knew no sin took on the sins of the world that we might be free. Luke 23:1-49 gives evidence to this fact.

One of the reasons we should be thankful is that Jesus being fully aware of His assignment was committed to fulfilling it even in the face of His opposition. He never viewed them as enemies, but rather as destiny facilitators. It is one of the reasons why He could say, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

Christ understood fully that if mankind was to ever have a chance at being seated in heavenly places – HE HAD TO DIE. It is important to know that while the death of Christ has redemptive qualities within it – redemption is not readily applied. To benefit from the redemption of Christ, persons must not just believe that He died for them, but they must also believe in Him.

While we appreciate the sacrifice of Christ to accept the will of His father and die on the cross for our sins, we are thankful that His death was not the concluding matter. For to believe in Christ is to believe in the power of His resurrection.
When that belief has been settled in the heart of man then redemption is applied for salvation has become their portion. Christ did not just die for our sins – He died for our salvation.

Father, we thank you for dying that we might live, Amen.

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