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COVID-19 Chronicles – Whenever When

i-6dDks3d-X5Beloved, let us pray this prayer out loud: 

Awesome and almighty God,

When fear threatens the health of my faith; when disease threatens the health of my body; when isolation threatens the health of my emotions, Lord kindle in me unshakable faith by your presence and power.

When what is happening around me disrupts my life, my family, my job, my finances  remind Redeemer of your consistent presence. You’re my never changing Christ in this ever-changing world. Hallelujah!

When it becomes hard to thrive my way through the day may Your strength overcome my weaknesses. When I’m tired of being strong for everyone wrap me in your arms and grant me that peace surpasses all understanding.

When the news is troubling bring my attention back to the gospel that speaks life to my soul. When anxious thoughts rise align my thoughts with whatsoever is true, pure, good and kind.

When I’m working at home, staying home alone or with kids, college kids, parents or spouses help us Jesus to find fun and meaningful ways that help us to love better together.

When my flesh fails wrap me in a love that does not flinch.
When my heart falters, wrap me in a love that creates clean hearts and renews steadfast spirits within.
When my attention span causes my mind to wander, gently knock upon the door of my heart again.
When I am surrounded by noise and violence, lead me to a quiet place.
When the silence is intimidating, transform the threats with your tranquility.
When doing becomes more important than being, help me to be still and know the power of your presence.
When I am tempted to go another way, whisper in my ear your marching orders.
When I am are thirsty, let me drink from your cup of grace.
When I am hungry after righteousness, feed me until I want no more.
When I am empty, step into the void and darkness and say, “Let there be light.”
When I am blinded by the idols of this world, give me the courage to see that yours is still the kingdom and glory, forever.
When the time to be silent is over, speak through me words of life to a dying world. When the time to be still is over, send me to serve.
And When it is in Jesus name, it is so!

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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  1. Michelle Field says:

    Thank you Bishop McKenzie! Your heartfelt prayer was just what I have been feeling. God bless you and may the precious Blood of Jesus be applied to all that concerns you!
    Luv and Blessings be multiplied!

  2. editor says:

    Blessings be multiplied to you also!


  3. Evelyn Golden says:

    Thank you Soror Bishop for all you do for the kingdom of God. We love you and bless God for the work he’s done through your ministry.

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