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The Gratitude Project – Thinking and Thanking! « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Gratitude Project – Thinking and Thanking!


Gratitude changes everything.Let’s change the world together!

Today, I’m grateful for the word of God. It continues to bring life to dead places.

It’s Palm Sunday. Let’s stop for a moment and think of all the great things the Lord has done for us. Think, even in the midst of the uncertainties of  crisis, culture and community. When you think about what Jesus has done, you will thank him.

Stroll down memory lane and watch this sermon introduction. The rest will be shown on Resurrection Sunday.

Let us pray:

Jesus, may we never be described as taking you for granted, being complacent or lukewarm.  Let it be obvious to the watching world that we thank you for everything and in everything. In Jesus name, Amen.

Share what you’re grateful for today in the comment section!

Send this message to someone who needs a word of hope to penetrate the fog of disappointment and disaster. Let’s ignite a praise and thanksgiving party on this Palm Sunday 2020

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Remember, Gratitude changes everything! Let’s change the world together!

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Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie
10th Episcopal District AMEC
Founder, Selah Leadership Encounter for Women

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  1. Rev. Dorothy Hightower says:

    I’m grateful in the midst of all that going on I can see the hand of God moving not only within my family but throughout his creations.

    I’m grateful God has allowed my mother to see 89 years on April 1, in reasonable health. Thank You Jesus. I’m grateful

  2. Sunshine Deloatch says:

    On this day when I rose I didn’t have no doubt who was going to bring me out. I am grateful God for bringing me through and out.

  3. editor says:

    There’s a song in our hymnal…”When I rose this morning, I didn’t have no doubt”!

  4. editor says:

    I grateful that even when it eem that God is silent, God is working….

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