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The Gratitude Project – Embrace the Sunlight

Gratitude Changes everything. Let’s Change the world together!

Rev. Dr. Cathy Moffitt, preacher, coach, confidant, mother, wife, friend and thriver which is a big step up from survivor!. Love her entusiasm for Jesus and life! Send her blessings in the comment section when you share your gratitudes.

Today, I’m grateful for sunlight!

“My mouth will tell of your righteous acts, of your deeds of salvation all day long, thought their number is past my knowledge.”
Psalm 71: 15-16

Let us pray out loud:

Almighty and Everlasting God, you have richly blessed us beyond our imaginations. If it had not been for the presence of Christ in our lives, we would have perished a long time ago.  You reached beyond the noise of this world to speak to our hearts of your grace and glory. You captured our attention with a love too wonderful for words. We eagerly turn from our texting, tweeting and tinkering ever mindful of the call to be “doers of your word.”
We can’t help but sing of your righteous acts. We sing your praises in our hearts all day long. We sing of your deeds of salvation even though only a fraction is known to us.  In Jesus name, we worship you and you alone, not ourselves or each other. Amen

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Bishop  Vashti Murphy McKenzie
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  1. Presiding Elder Chuma Okoli says:

    Sometimes we take the littlest and simplest things for granted! Thank You for reminding us to get back to the basics and reflect on the Goodness of The Lord! This COVID-19 Pandemic has caused me to show Authentic Gratitude to God and Appreciate the Gift of Family!

  2. Daniela Bailey says:

    IDr Cathy, God’s Grace and mercy continue to be upon you and your family Today, I’m grateful for the spirit of discernment! The enemy is doing his job, stealing, killing, and destroying! I’ve got an eternal insurance plan!! Do you?

  3. Rev. Melech Thomas says:

    This was an awesome reflection. As I just moved back to the East Coast to be closer to my parents, who have been married for 40 years, I am truly grateful to be able to spend this time taking care of those who took care of me for years. I have seen so many of my peers lose their parents during this pandemic, so I do not take it lightly that I still have them.

  4. editor says:

    Blessings on the future God has in mind for you!

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