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The Gratitude Project – Undeserved

Gratitude changes everything. Let’s change the world together!

Presiding Elder George Johnson is serious about salvation. He’s grateful saving extended to all. He’s also been a serious military chaplain, pastor and now a presiding elder in Texas. Share a blessing in the comment section when you share your gratitudes.

Today, I’m grateful for saving grace!

“Arise, O God, judge the earth; for to thee belong all the nations!”
Psalm 82:8

Let Us Pray:

Arise, O God, our hope is in you, for putting right all things wrong, all things misunderstood, and all things that seem futile especially when we are tempted to give up discouraged.

Open our eyes to see through faith that you are at work in our present circumstances. Make us strong and faithful in our service and stewardship towards you. We thank you for saving grace. Forgive us when we fall short of the mark…again.

We beseech you on behalf of someone whose heart is burden, whose back is against the wall and whose mind is in turmoil. Thank you that we do not have to stay defeated but can be reborn, transformed and redeemed from defeat to victory in your name. Grant that triumphant experience to someone today. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Spread gratitude all around today! Gratitude Changes everything!

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie
10th Episcopal District AME Church
Founder, Selah Leadership Encounter for Women


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  1. Dorothy Manning says:

    I am grateful for being able to be a blessing to others during this time. I’m grateful for God instilling in me to just believe in myself and to know that it’s not the big things that count. It’s the small things that are the size of a mustard seed that counts, that we share with others. I am grateful for that.

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