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The Gratitude Project – Mercy Me!

GRATITUDE FRY BROWN 4_2020-16The Gratitude Project
Gratitude Changes Everything

Today, I’m grateful for morning by morning mercies! Mercy me! Thank you Rev. Linda for sharing your gratitudes. Share your gratitudes in the comment section.

Let us pray:

O God, who meets us in ordinary places, doing ordinary things and at ordinary times, empower us to be extraordinary in this uncertain season. Fill our lives with wonder as we witness extraordinary mercies instead of judgement and extraordinary miracles instead of the usual mess.

Give us open hearts to perceive your presence. Give us joyful words to proclaim the good news so that it may be heard above the cacophony of the world’s fears.

In Jesus’ name, may the Holy Spirit energize us to proclaim hope and then be hope in a darkened world. Amen

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Spread gratitude all around today! Gratitude Changes everything!

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie
10th Episcopal District AME Church
Founder, Selah Leadership Encounter for Women

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  1. Daniela Bailey says:

    Grateful for strong friendships!

  2. Linda Thomas says:

    Today I was awaken to what seemed to me to be the happiest bird I’ve ever heard. As a matter of fact the singing was so loud it seemed as if it were in my attic as oppose to being in a tree in my back yard.
    I smiled as I listened to what seemed to be none stop singing. I glanced thru my windows to see the rising of the sun. It seemed as if the bird was welcoming the sunrise of a brand new day.
    What if we, as God’s children, would rise every morning with a song to God for the new mercies we experience everyday?
    As I set in my breakfast nook window , the sun disappeared through the clouds. I was a little disappointed because I always enjoy sitting in the morning sun. As I stared out of my windows that face the eastern sky a beautiful eagle majestically flew by.
    It was a bit windy & I could hear my wind chimes blowing in the wind & I watched the leaves swaying in a huge tree that we planted over 31 years ago.
    I pondered, 32 years ago I married my husband & just like that bird it started with a beautiful song. Isn’t it funny how the winds of change impact our lives & just like that tall tree we can be tossed to & fro with trials that come our way? Beloved I have discovered with all of the challenges that marriage may present those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up like that eagle (that flew by). Just like my wind chimes, they only sing/chime when the wind is blowing. For those of you who are newly married or have been married for awhile. God can & will give you a song!!
    I am grateful for a husband who has supported me for 32 years!! 4-30

  3. Agnes J Habbit says:

    I’m grateful, I’m grateful for each morning’s light. To awake to creation praising the creator. For continued blessings that still peaks through the window in this season of chaos. I’m grateful for the community of family and for the love of God.”

    Rev. Agnes J. Habbit

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