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Relationships Matter: Can You Hear Me Now? « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

Relationships Matter: Can You Hear Me Now?

april1_katherine-1Katherine Ellington
John 10:1-21

Babies learn to distinguish their mother’s voice from other sounds while still in the womb. Newborns relate their care, nurture and love to the voices of their parents and families. It’s a new relationship that grows and develops.

In the parable, the sheep follows the voice of the good shepherd who tends to their needs and protects them from harm. The sheep knows the shepherd’s voice above all others. Jesus is our loving protector and caretaker. He is the good Shepherd. Jesus is there to protect, love, and save us from destruction giving us eternal life.

We’re ready to listen intently for voices in the midst of crises. Hard times and struggles seem make us more open to listening. We are prone to hear familiar voices in seeking purpose for our lives or finding answers to our challenges. Yet listening to God speak in your life requires a focused relationship that’s cultivated with Bible study, prayer, fasting, praise and worship. Consistently, making time for reflection, meditation and solitude yield experiences where you learn to respond to the loving voice of the good Shepherd for your well-being and future. You improve your capacity to hear with an ability listen for truth and love, above all else.

Everyday communication involves listening. Are you a good listener? Think about the people in your life who you consider to be good listeners when you talk to them. Your relationship with them is likely based on love, like and/or respect. Good listeners actively provide verbal and nonverbal feedback including facial expressions and gestures to let you know that you’ve been heard and they care about what you’ve said. Listening actively can improve communication within personal relationships reducing misunderstandings, strengthens cooperation, and fosters understanding by building trust and respect. Relationships matter.

Katherine D. Ellington
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  1. Daphney says:

    Very well said and so true! In wisdom God created us with one mouth and two ears. : )

  2. Cynthia says:

    Next time I ask God I will remind myself to wait and listen for His answer. Awesome advice.

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