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Leave it and Walk Away « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

Leave it and Walk Away


John 4: 43-54

“The man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and went his way.” — John 4: 50

This time was different. On this visit to Cana, Jesus had no need to dread the pinch of hometown skepticism toward His ministry. He received a warm welcome.Had the Galileans not recently witnessed His miracles, would the welcome have been the same? Would the official have sought him to heal his son?

Just like us, this official had an urgent need for Jesus. What he knew of Jesus was sufficient to draw him to ask Him to heal his son. This man took Jesus at His word and his son’s miracle would draw him and his family into relationship with Him. This official left his request with Jesus with no further beleaguering. He left it. He put it in the Lord’s hand. What about you?

Even when Jesus challenged his faith and belief, he was not deterred; he went his way in confidence that his son would be healed.

In times of prayer and fasting, we bring before God our needs for healing for others, self, relationships, habits, behaviors, prejudices—all the things that drive wedges in our connections with God and others. Just like the official, are we leaving these requests with God? Then confidently walking away knowing that God has heard us and will answer us?

Walking away is telling God that we completely trust Him.

Walking away is our act of surrender.

Walking away is walking closer to God.

Walk away. Walk toward the answer. God is at the end of the walkway with the answer in His Hand. Start walking…

Carlene Lenore
Nashville, Tennessee

REPEAT AFTER ME: Today, I will leave everything in the hands of God and walk towards the answer!

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  1. Claire Mclin says:

    Today’s message was on time. It destroyed my complaining party. Thank-you

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