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The Lenten Journey: It Is What It Is! « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Lenten Journey: It Is What It Is!

John 18:28-40 NIV

It Is What It Is. How many times have we used this phrase to proclaim that whatever it is we are confronted with is the truth? I have used it more times than I can count in times when I have come face-to-face with realities that are not to be denied. No matter how I choose to analyze or perceive what is before me the facts do not change. It Is What It Is.

I imagine that this is how Pilate felt when he was presented with Jesus and after querying him could find no evidence of wrongdoing. Rather what stood before him was the glaring embodiment of The Truth. Not the misconception of power hungry Jewish leaders who wanted to keep appearances on the one hand yet wanting to see Jesus killed on the other. No, what Pilate saw was one who was born to set the record straight and did so with such humility there was no doubt he was who he was. All that was left was the question: What is truth?

Truth is what liberates us by freeing Gods will to move with power…It Is What It Is. Truth separates falsehood by rebuking them and giving wisdom to those who accept it…It Is What It Is. Truth invigorates by allowing the power of the Word to stand alone without further definition. It Is What It Is.

Truth is defined in the person of Christ who remains true for all who believe…..It Is What It Is.

Rev. Carmen Walker
Pastor, Mt. Zion AME Church-Opelika
Opelika, AL


Beloved, Jesus now sits at the Passover meal. His betrayer identified. His face set towards Jerusalem. His mission misunderstood. His final stretch to the cross and resurrection is before Him. He is about to make a change so pervasive that they change the calendar because of His resurrection and the birth of the church. A new era. The bread will broken and the blood shed for you and for me.

As we enter the final stretch of Holy Week, look again at the broken bread and the shed blood.Don’t rush to the cross but walk taking in every nuance of transformation!

God bless all of our guest writers who have kept us on traack during this 2013 Lenten season. Thank you my brothers and sisters for being faithful!

Please encourage all of them either in the comment section on this site or via their own blogs.

Thank you Dallas for standing room only and overflow capasity last night for the Holy Wednesday Revival. It was awesome. Thanks to the seven powerful Word Warriors!! Glory! Keep up at www.twitter.com/vashtimckenzie.

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie 

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