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The Lenten Journey – The Reality of Faith « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Lenten Journey – The Reality of Faith

The Reality of Faith
John 18:1-19

At this point many of us are barely holding on to our commitments and sacrifices made for the Lenten season. I do recognize that Lent can be a very difficult journey, especially when you give up some things that have proven to be essentials in your life. I know I am ready for some pizza from Di Carlos in downtown Wheeling, West Virginia with extra pepperoni and cheese, also a steak from Smith and Wollensky at the Easton in Columbus Ohio. Well, perhaps a Chilean Sea Bass, with whipped potatoes, and champagne truffle sauce… I really don’t know what I want, but you can be well assured that as soon as lent is over there will be a party in my mouth of all the deliciousness that I gave up with greater hopes that my appreciation for my faith journey will be greatly improved during this Lenten season.

But that’s just that, we gave up certain foods, social media, and television specials that we cannot wait to reconnect with as soon as Easter comes. Therefore one has to question the validity in the sacrifices we made for Lent, if we are simply going to pick up where we left off. What purpose did our Lenten sacrifices mean to us and our faith walk with God?

When I ask that question, I understand why so many people have begun to see Lent not as a time of giving up, but rather a time of gaining. It is a time to be intentional about our relationship with God, going the extra mile, even in the face of obscure certainty, knowing what’s to come, but not fully being ready to embrace it.

This text shows us Jesus Christ’s reality, something he knew would come, and something that had to happen if the will of God was to be done here on earth. If you remember just a few chapters prior Jesus revealed to his disciples “one of you will betray me”, not long after he foretold that Peter his beloved disciple will deny him, all of these things where a part of Jesus’ reality, but in order to go through it Jesus had to demonstrate his own faith in God’s will for his life.

Many times we see the humanness of Christ in the text but over look it because we often do not think of Christ as human, but in order for us to fully connect with Christ, it is needful to us to have shared experiences which can only take place when we embrace both Christ Divinity and his humanity.

In the garden Christ prayed asking that this cup would pass from him, nowhere in the text do we read the response of God, but shortly thereafter we read Christ saying, “nevertheless, not my will but thy will be done.” The reality of faith is not the need for faith in our reality moments, but for us to be encouraged by our faith in moments where our realties seem to be more than we can handle. You have to admit the knowledge of someone betraying you, and you being arrested is nothing in comparison to it actually happening, but when your reality is rooted in faith, you can face whatever is to come with the understanding that God makes all things well.

When the officers came, Jesus knowing all things asked them “whom do you seek”? When they reached to arrest him, Peter drew his sword and cut off Malchus ear and Jesus responded “am I not to drink of this cup that the father has given me”? There wasn’t anything out of sequence that was supposed to happen that did not happen. Reality is inescapable; it’s a part of our human experience, in its own way it is a law of nature that cannot be ignored.

There will be times in our lives where reality will be more than we can handle, nevertheless, precious dears be encouraged knowing that your faith in those uncomfortable moments of life will sustained you no matter how realistic your situation may be.

Brandon A. A. J. Davis, BA., M.Div.
Senior Pastor Wayman AME Church
Wheeling, West Virginia

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  1. Rev. Patsy Brown says:

    When you said that we give up things that we cannot wait to reconnect with as soon as Easter comes and therefore one has to question the validity of the sacrifices, it really made me think. But I concluded that we did put God before these things for a season and maybe, just maybe, we will look at the controlling factor they once had on our lives.
    I really enjoyed this and the other devotionals you did. Have a blessed Easter Sunday!!!

  2. Brandon says:

    Just seeing this, bless you and thank you for your words.

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