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The Lenten Journey – See What Happened Was « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Lenten Journey – See What Happened Was

get-attachment-22.aspxJohn 8:21-30 (CEVUK)
Contemporary English Version Anglicanized

“See what happen was” is a cultural phase normally used when someone cannot explain what just occurred in a situation. How fitting is it that Jesus in this text explains that unless you share the same faith as his, believing that he is the Son of God, sent by God to save the world, you can’t go where he is going. What always astonishes me is the level of deep intellect that the Jewish leaders have, yet they struggle to comprehend the smallest of non-deep and theological truths. Jesus makes it clear that in order to follow him we must believe in the personhood of who sent him, and you must believe that he is the Son of God.

Lent is a wonderful season in the life of the church for us to share in devotion with God, and to share with others the joys of believing and repentance. Lent is a 40-day reminder of the work of salvation done at Calvary to save a lost and dying world. While many others have come to celebrate this Holy season as a commercialized event for fasting, spiritually non-committed sacrifices, and ritualistic diets, there are still a large number of Christian believers who recognize that the Lenten season isn’t always about what we choose to give up, but rather what God chooses for us to give up and ultimately what we are to gain from it. By believing in who and what Jesus Christ represents you not only gain unfettered access to the savior, but you get to experience the joys of believing and sharing the gospel message.

I’m encouraged to take the remaining days of this season to tell everyone I meet that there is still purpose in believing in Jesus Christ. Do not allow the influences of the world and the lack of evidence persuade you into thinking that Jesus isn’t real, or that following Him doesn’t have purpose. The evidence is sufficient and the reasoning is self-explanatory. Therefore, precious dears don’t get caught at the end of your life saying: “See what happen was.”

Eppur Si Mouve “And so it moves…”

Dr. Brandon A. A. J. Davis, Senior Pastor
St. Andrewes AME Church -Youngstown, Ohio
“Where Hope is Lived and Faith makes it Possible”

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