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The Lenten Journey 2016 – From Blaming to Blessing « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Lenten Journey 2016 – From Blaming to Blessing

RobertsonFrom Blaming to Blessing

Jesus is journeying with his disciples when they encounter a blind man. The disciples see, the man and look for who’s to blame for his condition, but Jesus sees the man and looks for a way to restore him from his condition. His disciples are concerned about what the man did, but Jesus is concerned about what the can do, namely be a witness to the power of God. In order to move from blaming to blessing consider the following:

Redemption is always possible
We all have a condition, something that limits our ability to be our best selves. Like the blind man in the story, some of our conditions are obvious making us the objects of ridicule or uninformed speculation, but thankfully Jesus still sees us for who we are. In his sight, we are people of light and love, worthy of redemption and restoration so that we can be beacons pointing to the greatness of God. The world might turn a blind eye to use and deem us useless, but in Jesus eyes, redemption is always possible.

Restoration comes from unexpected sources
Jesus demonstrated throughout his ministry that nothing is impossible with God and that the answers to our needs are often right in front of us and this miracle story is a perfect example of this. Jesus uses mud and water to restore the blind man’s sight as a demonstration of God’s constant provision for us. The only thing missing is our faith and belief. We often want God’s power to be manifest in theatrical and showy ways, but Jesus reminds us that the most unlikely people and places can be our greatest blessings.

Sovereign God, Open the eyes of our hearts so that we might see the world as you do: full of possibilities. Create a spirit of compassion and understanding within us so that we can lead others to restoration and wholeness instead of blame and brokenness. Help us to see your power and possibility in every situation so that we become faithful witnesses to your light and love.

Joanne Robertson
Metropolitan Interdenominational Church
Website: www.jessyebartlett.com


Today, Promise Me you’ll keep your eyes open for unexpected resources and for new possibilities no matter what! As we approach the final weeks of this Lenten season don’t get weary and forget to read through the gospel of John, increase your prayer time and read the daily devotions from our guest bloggers!

Please encourage them in the comment section on this site as well as share your prayer requests and prayer experiences. Keep up at www.twitter.com/vashtimckenzie.

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie

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    LOVE this. Thank you. Keep writing and sending.:-)

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