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The Gratitude Project – The Sting! « This is Your Wake Up Call!
This is Your Wake Up Call!

The Gratitude Project – The Sting!

GRATITUDE FRY BROWN 4_2020-22The Gratitude Project

Gratitude Changes everything. Let’s change the world together!

The sting of rejection is real! Rejection is one of those things that knows no gender, race, religion or social economic status. It happens to practically everyone in life. Friendship offered is refused. Genuine love given and it is rejected. An attempt at kindness is met with the cold shoulder. A gift is offered and then turned away.

We do not like it when a coach, teacher, parent, friend or family member makes rejection noises that sound like this: We don’t need you; you’re not wanted; if I needed you I would have called you; you don’t measure up; you’re not good enough, strong enough, bright enough, smart enough, wise enough or cute enough to be with us, play with us or be a part of our group. Rejection happens. It is painful when it does happen to us and yet we are blinded when we do it to others. Lord, forgive us!

Mother Teresa is reported to have said that there are drugs to treat people with leprosy. The drug however does not treat one of the main problems of the disease – that of being unwanted and rejected by everyone.

Jesus was rejected and we can testify of the times when we had to drink from the fountain of rejection as well. Since we all know that bitter taste, let’s not do it to each other!

“He came unto his own, and own received him not.”
John 1: 11

Let us pray:
Almighty and Everlasting God, we lift our voices in praise and thanksgiving for loving us even when we were unloving; holding us when others refused; helping us when we were turned away and accepting us without question. When the world has made rejecting noises, you whispered in our ear – Come all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest!

Forgive us Lord when the rejecting noises have come out of our mouths causing pain to someone else, even those closest to us. Help us Lord to forgive those who have rejected us. Help us to forgive ourselves when we have done the same thing to others.

Teach us to fight against the temptation to wallow in the self-pity when we feel unworthy and unloved. Empower us to rise above rejection to keep doing what you have called us to do in church, the community and country. Your love does not fail!

Show us a better way to demonstrate your love in great and small ways throughout the day. Let wisdom flow from our mouths, compassion from our hearts, joy from our souls and understanding towards those who are misunderstood. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Spread gratitude all around today! Gratitude Changes everything!

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie
10th Episcopal District AME Church
Founder, Selah Leadership Encounter for Women

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  1. Daniela Bailey says:

    Been there, rejection hurts!! I’m grateful that in spite of who I am, God loves me

  2. Ericka Fuller says:

    I am grateful because I KNOW that everything is going to be alright according to Romans 8:28. Amen!

  3. Kim Williams says:

    I am thankful to be alive and giving back to others to help enhance their lives❤️

  4. Rev. Brenda Johnson says:

    Thank you Jesus for including me! Thank you God for loving the whole world! We serve a God who never rejects us and tells us all to COME!

  5. Sonya Anderson says:

    Thank you for this timely word. Help us Lord to be more loving and inclusive of one another.

  6. Dorothy Manning says:

    I am grateful that even though I’ve been rejected at certain times in life. I was still able to pull through and still be blessed for the things I have done.

  7. editor says:

    Absolutely!!! Thanks!!

  8. Pastor Delphine L. Vasser says:

    Praise the Lord!! Grateful for the Gratitude project. Today,I am grateful for waking up this morning, clothed in my right mind. Thankful, for the expression of Pastor Regina Earls sharing in such a heart-fulled matter.
    Grateful that God chose me and loves me unconditional.

  9. Rev. Deborah Jackson says:

    I am familiar with the sting of rejection because I was rejected by my very own birth mother, but I am Grateful that I was NOT rejected by God! I am Not alone because Joseph was rejected by his own blood brothers and family members and Jesus was rejected by his race and family the Jews. Even more so Jesus was despised and rejected, yet he still loved the very ones who hated and Rejected Him. I am Grateful because I have the unconditional love and acceptance of God! God is closer than Any mother or brother. I’m grateful because God is a Mother for the motherless! I am Grateful because God hand picked and gave me the Perfect Grandmother And God Mother who gave me MORE Love, More kindness and More blessings than my birth mother ever could! God’s thoughts and Ways are higher and better than ours! I am Grateful for God’s Plan for my life and for my two mothers! I’m grateful for God!

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